Organising an event

​​If you are planning an event in the Waipā​ district, our event and marketing advisor can provide assistance to ensure you can meet our regulatory requirements and guide you through the council process.

Event organisers should complete and submit an Event Application Form to council. This information helps us understand what's going on in our district, with over 130 events a year going on, it gets pretty busy! This form is the starting point for all events in our district and helps us determine which public park or reserve you're after and if your event or activity needs any approvals or permits.

If your event will attract more than 100 people or requires parking and road controls, consents etc. you will need to complete council’s event application form:

 Event Application Form

The following types of activities: weddings/civil ceremonies, private events under 100 people, public events e.g. craft fairs require a parks application form:

Parks Application Form

For small events (under 40 people, with no equipment) this application form is not required; event details to be noted in the Parks calendar(s) by Customer Support on 0800 924 723​​.

Please note! some council processes take time, such as road corridor access and closures which require at least 90 working days to complete the public notifying process and alcohol licencing​​ which ​requires at least 20 working days. Make sure you know your timeframes. 

If you need help completing the form or checking timeframes for things, get in touch with council's event and marketing advisor​ at or by calling 0800 924 723. You can also help yourself by heading on over to where you'll see all the possible areas you event might cover that could involve council, from road use to parking, to consents, alcohol licencing and marketing! It's all there in one place.

Want free even​​t promotion?

Head along to Waipā​'s only district-wide events calendar ​​and promote your event for free! The site offers promotion, venue ideas and tips and tricks for a  successful event.

All you need to do is sign up, list your event details, add a photo and it's good to go! ​


Funding is available annually from our District Promotion Fund​ and Community Event Funds.

Both funding rounds are open 15 April to 24 May and cover events that run from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. If your event date falls outside of this timeframe, get in touch with council's event and marketing advisor at or by calling 0800 924 723.

Check the criteria carefully to see if your event qualifies. 
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