Booming in the 1950s

Booming in the 1950s1918 advertisement for a Waipā farm.

In the late 1950s New Zealand was undergoing a surge of growth and prosperity as its overseas markets expanded and land became fully productive.

Large areas of previously swamp or scrub country had been broken in and fenced up into good farming country, and throughout the Waipā region, both the rural areas and the two main urban centres of Te Awamutu and Cambridge were doing well.

In Te Awamutu there was a good selection of homes available to buyers, while Cambridge offered a similar range. Both Ōhaupō​ and Pirongia were as yet ‘undiscovered’ as pleasant, quiet villages.

Among a list of houses and properties for sale in the Te Awamutu Courier of Friday, 31 October 1958, the following property was offered:

£4,400, 3 bedrooms, large lounge, modern kitchenette, all conveniences, wall-to-wall carpet, blinds, drapes, large basement, garage and laundry; well laid out section in good locality; finance available. G.D. Shepherd, M.R.E.I.N.Z.; phones 450, res. 674 and 438M.

For the prospective farmer, there was this rural property:

117 acres all in first class pasture. Carrying 70 cows, replacements and dry stock, tanker supply. Good 3-bedroomed bungalow. All other shedding ample and good. This property is very good value at £115 per acre. L. and B. – Pratt, Quigley & McAdam, 6 Market Street, Phones 46 Office, 126R Residence.

Another dairy farm, 20 acres smaller was also up for sale:

97 Acres. 6½ miles Te Awamutu. All easy tractor. 74 acres is really good pasture on undulating ground, balance good quality swamp. Fencing is first class. H.P. water. Buildings well above average, inc. 3 bedroomed homestead. a.e., garage, 3 cow plant shed. “Tanker”. Manure and imp. shed 56 cows and replacements being carried now. £10,500 L. & B. or would sell as going concern. ROBINSON & WILSON, M.R.E.I., Bank N.S.W. Buildings, Phones: Office 39; res. 314M and 96.

There were prospects for budding entrepreneurs keen to start up in business, as indicated by this advertisement, under the heading of BUSINESS FOR SALE:

£1,350. A very nice little business in hub of Te Awamutu shopping area. Net profit of £12 to £14 per week. Suit married woman who is free from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Don’t hesitate, this is your opportunity. (Also offered by Robinson & Wilson.)

Booming in the 1950s

Edited excerpts from the book 'Waipa Home of Champions: Celebrating 150 Years'. Written and produced by historians Richard Stowers and Kingsley Field.

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