Fire Control


Fire permits

From 1 July 2018, all fire permits for the Waipā district are administered by Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).​

Regardless of whether you need or have a permit from FENZ, you must still ensure that you do not breach the Health Act 1956 or the District Plan by not causing a nuisance to others through smoke or ash. Council can take action in respect to these matters​.

Do I need a permit to light a fire?

Visit the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ)​ website: Check It's Alright To Light​

Who should I contact?

Immediate risk to life or property111 – Fire and Emergency NZ
I can see smoke in the distanceFENZ 0800 658 628
Someone is burning rubber, plastic, tyresWaikato Regional Council 0800 800 401
My neighbour keeps having firesFENZ 0800 658 628
Looks like my neighbour is planning a fireFENZ 0800 658 628
Does this fire have a permit?FENZ 0800 658 628
I can see a fire but there is a 'ban'FENZ 0800 658 628
My house is full of smoke, fumes, coughing, over my property, smelly washing etcWaipa District Council 0800 924 723

​Fire safety tips

Here are some tips for keeping a safer fire:

  • Supervise fires at all times.
  • Don't annoy your neighbours with smoke nuisance.
  • Do not light in windy conditions
  • Fire must not be left to burn where there is a chance of spread.
  • Water and/or other equipment should be kept handy if available.
  • The fire should be completely extinguished on completion of the burn.
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