Trade Waste

​​Trade Waste is any liquid that is discharged to the wastewater system from commercial, industrial, manufacturing or trade premises resulting from any processes or operations.

All businesses that discharge to the wastewater system will need to apply to the Waipa District Council for a Trade Waste Consent.

Trade Waste Consents are the agreements between the Waipa District Council and the owners/occupiers discharging Trade Waste.

Trade Waste Consent defines:

  • the volume of wastewater that can be discharged 
  • the nature and characteristics of the discharge 
  • the type of pre-treatment required prior to discharge 
  • service and maintenance requirements

Trade waste shared services

On July 1 2012, Waipa District Council joined with Hamilton City Council and Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council to launch Shared Services for trade waste. A key aim is to deliver integrated, sustainable and well-managed services that also protect and enhance the environment.

As a result of this initiative – which was developed from the wider sub-regional 3 water’s strategy – trade waste customers will receive a consistent trade waste service across the three council territories. The sharing of staff and resources will ensure a streamlined and efficient business model.

For the councils, the benefits include improved compliance and monitoring, and an effective user pays approach to trade waste.

For more information about Trade Waste Services please phone 07 838 6999 or 0800 357 358.

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