Does my dog need to be microchipped?​

Dogs registered for the first time after 1 July 2006 need to be microchipped within 2 months of first being registered.

Any dog impounded on a second occasion must be microchipped before its release.  Any unregistered dog that has been impounded must be microchipped before its release.

Dogs classified as dangerous or menacing:

  • those that have been classified after 1 December 2003 but before 1 July 2006 must have a microchip implanted before 1 September 2006 .
  • those classified from 1 July 2006 onwards must be microchipped within two months of being classified.

Where can I have my dog microchipped?

The Cambridge and Kihikihi pounds hold microchipping sessions once a week.

For more information contact our Customer Support team on 0800 924 723.

Most veterinary practitioners are also able to microchip dogs.

Page reviewed: 02 Oct 2015 5:20pm