Dog exercise areas

​Our aim is to balance the needs of dogs and their owners, while minimising any potential danger, distress, or nuisance to the community or ecological environment.

There are a number of designated dog exercise areas in Waipa where dogs can be exercised freely off the leash. Please be a responsible owner and bring your own supply of plastic bags for collecting your dog's poo. Bins for dog poos are provided in each of the designated exercise areas. 

Exercise areas and prohibited areas​

Dogs on leads

Dogs must be on a lead at all times when on council parks and reserves unless the areas are designated otherwise. 

Some parks have areas specifically set aside for dog exercise purposes, and others prohibit dogs completely.

Restrictions on Mount Kakepuku

There has been some confusion about where dogs are allowed at Mount Kakepuku on Mount Kakepuku Road, Te Awamutu.

Dogs are allowed on-lead inside the area marked red below, this area is managed by Council. Outside of this area is managed by the Department of Conservation and dogs are prohibited.

Page reviewed: 24 May 2017 9:34am