Animal keeping and pests

​​Animal keeping

The rules around keeping animals, especially in urban areas, is controlled by the Waipa District Plan

These rules mainly focus on whether animals are likely to cause a nuisance or not. For example roosters are not permitted in urban areas, and the number of chickens is restricted. Larger animals (excluding pigs) can be kept on vacant sections awaiting development. 

  District Plan - Animal Control (page 29)


Pests such as rats or pigeons are usually the responsibility of the land owner or occupiers when on private property.

We will only become involved if there is a public health issue, or if the problem exists on our land. Some wild pests, such as possums and rabbits, may be subject to Waikato Regional Council​ controls.​


We do not have formal control over cats unless a public health issues exists.

If you have concerns for the welfare of feral or stray cats, please pass the information to the nearest SPCA office.

Trespassing stock

'Stock' can include any horse, cattle, deer, ass, mule, sheep, pig, or goat.

Council has very limited powers in respect to stock, focussed on public safety. Council will respond to complaints of stock in public places or on roads where they may endanger traffic. 

Stock trespassing from one property to another is a civil issue. The Impounding Act 1955 outlines the processes available to deal with problem stock. It also refers to poultry and other animals.

​Animal welfare

District councils are not approved organisations under the Animal Welfare Act, so have no animal welfare powers (except for some very limited ones related only to dogs). 

Concerns regarding animal welfare should be directed to the SPCA or the Ministry for P​rimary industries.

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