Ash burials

Ash burials must be arranged through Council, just as casket burials​ are. 

Ashes can be buried in a memorial ashes berm or a grave plot. A memorial ashes berm is a concrete strip that you can fix a small plaque or headstone to. The ashes are buried in front of this strip. 

We also offer gardens of remembrance designated for the burial of ashes.  Ashes are buried outside of the garden area and each plot can accommodate two sets of ashes.

All planting at the cemeteries and maintenance of plots is the responsibility of Council’s maintenance staff and contractors. Family members are not permitted to plant trees, shrubs or flowers in any of the cemeteries.

Some individuals or families prefer to scatter ashes at a place of significance instead. If this is the case please ensure you get permission from the land owner before you scatter them. Ashes should not be scattered into waterways or water bodies.   

Waipa District Council does not allow the scattering of ashes in our cemeteries, however please contact our customer support team on 0800 WAIPASC (924 723) to see if we are able to accommodate you in another way. 

Online​​ form: Application for Cemetery Reservation - Pre-Purchased Plot​​​​​

Download:  Application for Interment - Issue of burial warrant​​

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