Casket burials

If a casket burial is chosen, the first step is to purchase or reserve a right of burial in one of our cemeteries. This can be arranged by your funeral director or directly with Council.

Purchasing or reserving a cemetery plot

In Waipā, you can reserve up to two plots at any one time for a maximum of 60 years. This is called the exclusive right of burial. It gives the purchaser the exclusive right of burial in a particular plot; it does not give the ‘plot owner’ ownership of the land. 

In most cases lawn plots are designed to hold two caskets and up to five ash interments. The exceptions are Leamington and Pukerimu which can only hold one casket due to ground conditions. ​

Once purchased, a certificate for exclusive right of burial is issued for the plot. The owner or executor of a plot may transfer ownership rights to another family member or friend if they get the consent of Council. If a reserved plot is not used within a period of 60 years, and Council is unable to confirm with the owner or executor that it’s still required, Council can resell the plot.

Council staff can help locate graves and reserved plots in public cemeteries within the district using our cemetery maps and the online database. ​

The cost to reserve a plot is listed in Council’s fees and charges: Waipā Cemeteries - Fees and Charges

Online​​ form: Application for Cemetery Reservation - Pre-Purchased Plot​

Arranging a burial

Once a plot is chosen, a burial warrant needs to be completed. The warrant identifies information like funeral director details, time of burial, size of casket, details of the deceased and the plot location. These are normally completed by your funeral director but the family can complete it if they prefer.   

Graves can only be dug by Council’s sexton. If you wish to be present when the grave is being dug, make sure you let us know ahead of time. Family members are welcome to backfill the grave following a burial with​ the supervision of the sexton.

Download:  Application for Interment - Issue of burial warrant

Burial hours

Burials usually take place during the following hours and burials outside of these hours are at Council’s discretion:

  • ​​Monday to Friday 8am-2pm
  • Saturday 8am-12pm (including public holiday weekends)
  • Burials are not conducted on Christmas Day or Good Friday.

Burial fees are listed in Council’s fees and charges: Waipā​ Cemeteries - Fees and Charges

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