Headstones, plaques and flowers

Waipā cemeteryMemorials including headstones, monuments and memorabilia such as flowers and trinkets are welcome in Waipā cemeteries. However to ensure our cemeteries are safe and inviting there are some guidelines that need to be followed.

Headstones and plaques

A permit is required from Council before installing a memorial headstone or plaque. Read more: Permit to install or work on a headstone/plaque​.

Applicants must supply the size, material and content of the headstone as part of this process so Council can confirm it meets the required specifications. Read more: Headstone and plaque guidelines.

The ongoing maintenance, upkeep and repair of the memorial or headstone is the responsibility of a relative or designated representative. It is not the responsibility of Council.

Flowers, wreaths and adornments

After the burial, the grave is levelled and turf replaced straight away to keep the cemetery tidy and help with maintenance. 

Flowers and wreaths that are on the casket at the time of burial will be laid on top of a grave after it is backfilled. These will remain in place for up to 28 days and then they will be removed and disposed of by Council so that maintenance can be done.

Any objects or flowers placed at the grave site after the 28 day period must be kept within the concrete berm at the head of the grave.

Page reviewed: 26 Oct 2018 9:35am