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Direct debit online / EASYPAY

​Save time and skip the hassle of worrying about due dates or penalty charges. EASYPAY allows rates, debtor accounts and water accounts to be paid by direct debit and for payment to be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Please note: When using direct debit, you are able to set up a combined payment for your rates and your water bill.

Internet banking or telephone banking

When paying via online banking, it's crucial that you use the correct information in the particulars, reference, and code fields. Every day Council processes many different payments for a variety of services, so we need the right information to process and receipt your payment.

Search for "Waipa District Council" as a payee in the automatic list of registered companies, or enter our account details manually.

Bank: ASB Hamilton
Account: 12 3122 0084701 01 (or 03 for dog payments)
Particulars: e.g. “Rates”
Code: e.g. "Property ID"​
Reference: e.g. "Your surname"

Please note: When using online banking, separate bill payments must be set up for your rates and your water bill.

Use this chart to make sure you have the correct details for your online ​payment!​

Particulars Code Reference
Rates Property ID or
assessment number
Your surname/company name
Water WB - followed by Property ID Your surname/company name
Debtors Debtor account number Your surname/company name
Planning Application ID
e.g. LU/****/**
Your surname/company name
or applicant details
Building Application ID
e.g. BC/****/**
Your surname/company name
or applicant details
Health and liquor Application ID
e.g. NFR/****
Your surname/company name
or applicant details
Infringement Infringement ID
e.g. D** or P**
Your surname/company name
​Pool inspection​Property address​Your surname
Dogs*​Animal ID​Surname of dog owner
 *Please note that payments for dog registrations are to be made to this account: 12 3122 0084701 03

Credit card payments online

You can pay your rateswater ratesdebtor accounts, and dog registrations using a credit card online. We accept Visa and Mastercard. 

Please note that using a credit card will incur a convenience fee that is charged by the credit card and merchant service providers.  Council does not retain any part of this fee (we initially receive the fee as part of the total payment amount, but then pay the entire fee out again to the merchant services provider). The credit card surcharges for each of these cards are: 

  • Visa: $1.46 per transaction

  • MasterCard: 2%

If the payment is made using a credit card issued outside New Zealand, any currency conversion will be done according to the terms and conditions of the card – there may be currency conversion fees charged by your card issuer.

Transactions are processed within two working days of the payment. Please contact us regarding refunds for overpayments or incorrect payments.​

Cash payments over the counter

If you would like to pay by cash, cheque or Eftpos you are welcome to come to our offices in Te Awamutu at 101 Bank Street, or to our service centre in ​Cambridge at 23 Wilson Street. 

Cheque payments via post

You can post a cheque payment to: 

Freepost 167662
Waipa District Council
Private Bag 2402
Te Awamutu 3840. 

Please enclose the remittance advice with your cheque to ensure payment is allocated to the correct property. Receipts will not be issued unless they are specifically requested.

Page reviewed: 15 Nov 2018 12:13pm