Air Quality

Air quality is generally the responsibility of Waikato Regional Council and they should be contacted if you looking at an issue that may be having an effect on the environment.

The Waipa District Plan does however limit some emissions that cause nuisance or odour in some zones.

The Waipa District Fire Control Bylaw 2015 also places restrictions on burning in the open air.

What should I do?

Are fumes, smoke or bad odours are having a negative effect on you or your property? You should first have a talk with the person responsible for causing it as they may not be aware how badly the nuisence is affecting you.

If the issue is not resolved after a discussion and is affecting your health or well being​, then contact our Environmental Health team on 0800 924 723.
This includes smoke from a fire which is not posing any other danger. 

If you feel there is an immediate threat to life or property (i.e. an emergency) from fumes, gas or a fire then call 111.

Keep in mind that a smoky fire or concerns as to whether it needs a permit are not emergencies. ​

Page reviewed: 20 Jun 2016 2:59pm