Liquor Ban

​​Drinking and possessing liquor is prohibited at all times in any public place (including in a vehicle) in liqour ban areas.

 Map of Liquor ban area
 Liqour ban fact sheet

These areas are mainly around the central areas of Te Awamutu, Kihikihi, Cambridge and Leamington. 

What are the exceptions?

This ban does not apply to liquor being carried in unopened containers from licenced premises (e.g. supermarket/off-licence) to your home, private property or a restaurant.

It also doens't apply to areas covered by a liquor licence, for example an event with a special licence or outside dining areas, (if they have an On-Licence). On-Licences usually apply until 10pm, after that time the area becomes part of the rest liquor-ban area if it's inside a liqour ban area.

Where do these rules come from?

The rules for this enforcement are outlined in the Waipa District Public Places Alcohol Control Bylaw 2015

The purpose of the bylaw is to protect the community and improve safety. The Police have powers to enforce the bylaw, which include powers of arrest and search. Any person who breaches the bylaw may be liable on summary conviction to a fine. 

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