Registering a complaint

​​​If you wish to make a complaint about excessive noise you can call Noise Control at any time of the day or night on 0800 924 723, 24 hours a day, to make a complaint or enquiry.

It is important to call when the noise is occurring, as the volume will need to be assessed.

Noise Control Officers will investigate, assess the noise level and ensure it is reduced if it is considered excessive under the Resource Management Act 1991.

When you make a complaint, you will be asked to provide your details and where the noise is coming from. Your details are not made known to the noisemaker but are for our records.

You will be asked if the noise control officer can make their assessment from your property - this will enable the officer to make a more accurate assessment of the noise as it affects you.

You will also be asked if you want any feedback on the outcome of the investigation and if so,  the noise control officer will phone you directly to explain the outcome.

If the noise starts again after the noise control officer has visited, contact us again and a noise control officer will revisit the address.

Page reviewed: 24 Feb 2014 4:29pm