If you're planning to build a fence around your property, there's some rules you should know about.

Your fence may be affected by rules in our District Plan. The rules vary depending on where you live and the type of street and boundary your property is on.

If you're building in the residential zone, there's a specific rule you need to know:

'Fences between buildings on the site and any road, public walkway or reserve shall be no higher than 1.2m in height if not visually permeable, or no more than 1.8m in height if visually permeable.'

What does this mean?

  • The rule only applies to residential zone fences along road boundaries, public walkways and reserves.
  • Fences can be built up to 1.2m high.
  • A fence higher than 1.2m must be visually permeable (you must be able to see through 50% of the fence).
  • The maximum height for visually permeable fences is 1.8m.
  • Any fence on your property that does not border a road, reserve or public walkway could be 1.8m high and close boarded.
  • The rule only applies to new fences and fences built after the rule was introduced in 2012.

Why is this rule in place?

This rule is in place for a number of reasons:

  • To help create safe and secure neighbourhoods - permeable fences support passive surveillance to occur in public places and make people feel safer when they're in a walk-way or reserve. A high fence along roads and reserves reduces safety and doesn't allow any informal surveillance.
  • Waipa District Council supports Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, which  seeks to use effective design to reduce the incidence and fear of crime.
  • A 50mm gap ensures that there is enough of a gap to see through from the street to the front garden of the site, and vice versa. A 50mm gap achieves this and is consistently used by councils around the world.
  • Combinations of height, see-through or partly-solid fences and landscaping helps create safe and secure neighbourhoods, pedestrian friendly streets and good-looking properties. High, close boarded fences down a street has a different look and feel to a street that has retained a more open character.

How do I make sure my fence is visually permeable?

Have continuous vertical or horizontal gaps of atleast 50mm width between your fence materials.

There’s different ways this can be achieved, here's some right and wrong examples:

Fence examples.jpg 



















If you can't meet these requirements, you'll need a 
resource consent.  If you are unfamiliar with the resource consent process or would like to discuss your application feel free to get in touch with us and have a chat to one of our Council planners.

To contact us call 0800 924 723 or email us at info@waipadc.govt.nz

If you’re planning any building work, it’s always best to view the District Plan to check what rules apply to your property or contact us and we'll guide you through the process.


Page reviewed: 30 May 2016 8:24am