Rates FAQs

​What period d​​​o my rates cover?

The rating year is from 1 July to 30 June the following year.
There are four equal instalments which are billed quarterly. The instalments cover the following periods in the rating year.

Instalment number​ Due Date ​Penalty Date​
Instalment 1 ​​21 August​27 August
Instalment 2 ​​21 November​27 November
Instalment 3 ​​21 February​27 February
Instalment 4 ​​21 May​27 May
Due dates must be strictly adhered to as payments received after these dates will incur a 10% penalty. Penalty date is the 27th day of the month the instalment is due in.

Please remember to allow sufficient postal time for payments as we cannot be held responsible for mail that does not reach us on time.  

When will I r​​eceive my rate notice?

Rates notices are  posted out in the last week of July, October, January and April for each instalment. We also offer an email delivery option which you can request.​

If you pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit, you will only receive your July invoice notice for the year's rates. 

Is there GST ​​on Instalments?

All rates and charges are inclusive of GST. A tax invoice is generated for each instalment. There is NO GST on penalties.

How can I get my pe​nalt​y remitted?

Provided payment has been made within 7 days of the penalty date and no other penalties have been incurred in the last 36 months you will automatically have your penalty remitted.

There is no need to apply for a 'remission of penalty for late payment' in these circumstances.
Applications based on compassionate grounds/extenuating circumstances e.g. death, hospitalisation, sickness etc. can be made on an individual basis (in writing) and does not require the payment to have been made within the 7 days. These applications are approved/declined by the Revenue Supervisor. These are done on a case-by-case basis.

How can I change m​​​​y postal address?

You must advise Council in writing that your postal address for rates has changed. This can be done here or by emailing rates@waipadc.govt.nz. 

Please include what properties you wish to have addresses changed for, and if there is any other correspondence from us you wish to have changed i.e. water billing, dogs etc. This is to ensure our records are kept accurate. 

How can I change the name on my rates notice?

If the change is just a spelling mistake please fill out the change of address form with all the correct details.​

Under the Local Government Rating Act  a person is required to notify the relevant Local Authority within 1 month of the registration of name change in the land transfer register. This means that a change of name by marriage/divorce can only be changed if it has been recorded on the title.

If they want to change a business name e.g. partnership or trust we must be notified of the change of ownership via a solicitor.

If one ratepayer has died and the remaining owners wants the deceased’s name taken off, you still need verification from the solicitor.

How do I apply for a rates rebate?

On behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs, Council administrates rates rebates. A rates rebate is where someone with a low income  i.e.  less than $32,000 gross can get some money towards paying their rates. To work out if you are eligible check here or contact rates@waipadc.govt.nz. ​
Applications are available in both offices or via the Department of Internal Affairs .

To process a rates rebate we require your gross taxable income for the tax year preceding the rating year. (This is the amount before tax is taken) e.g. for the rating year starting 1 July 2016 we need the gross taxable income for the tax year ending 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 and a copy of your Waikato Regional Council rates Invoice.

How often is my property valuated?

Valuations are usually done every three years. Council contracts Quotable Value to carry out this work. The last valuation was done in 2016. The next valuation will be 2019. 


What do I do if I haven’t received my rates notice?

Contact Customer Support to  check that the mailing address we hold on our database is correct. If not complete a change of address form or notify us in writing the correct address details by email ​

If NZ Post has returned any rates notices. the rates office hold these until we can find a current address.

I have bought a property, why haven’t I received a rates notice for it?

Contact Customer support to check that a notice of sale has been received to show you are the new owner. If Waipa District Council has not received a notice of sale you will need to contact your solicitor to send us one. We are unable to change the owner details without this and will not have been aware a property ownership change has taken place.

If we received the Notice of Sale between generating and posting of the rates invoice we will forward a copy of the updated rates notice to you.

I have sold my property, why have I received a rates notice for it?

Contact Customer Support to check that the Waipa District Council received a notice of sale as if we haven’t, you will need to contact your solicitor, as this is a change of ownership we need confirmation via a notice of sale from the solicitor.

I have sold part of my property, why have I received a rates notice for the whole of my property?

Please contact the rates team to resolve this. 

I have recentl​​y subdivided my property, why have I received the rates account for the entire property?

All properties that were subdivided and council received the new title information prior to 30th June 2015, have been rated accordingly.  

Please contact the rates team to resolve this. ​ 

I own adjoining ​properties, do I have to pay targeted rates on all properties?​

Under new legislation a separate title is deemed to be a separate rating unit. However properties can be deemed to be contiguous if ratepayers meet the following criteria:
1) Owned by the same person/persons AND
2) Used jointly as a single property AND
3) And separated only by road, railway, drain, water race , river or stream.

Two urban properties that each have a dwelling cannot be deemed to be contiguous.
In most rural cases where there is more than one title, they haven’t been separated, as it is obvious that the property is one farm and used as that.

Do I have to pay additional U​niform Annual General Charges (UAGC’s) on adjoining properties?

UAGC’s will be applicable on all adjoining properties, however if the adjoining property is vacant a remission of the UAGC will be applied.

How do I get information about a property​?

The Rating Information Database (RID) is available online and in in both Te Awamutu and Cambridge offices.  You can search using an address, a property ID or a legal description. The property owners details are not provided. 

Alternatively you can download free of charge an online a Property Snapshot report, and a District Plan Snapshot report. You can also request a property file search through Customer Support. You can also apply for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) (note charges apply). 

I have a water meter account and am also being charged in my rates.

Please contact the rates team to resolve this. ​

I wish to make a payment arrangement to pay off my rates.

Contact the rates team to look at the best options for you. Setting up an EasyPay Direct Debit allows rates, debtor accounts and water accounts to be paid by Direct Debit and for payment to be automatically deducted from your bank account.

The advantages include time saving, no hassle with postage, payments are made to suit you and there are no worries about penalty charges.  Over 50% of our customers use this service.

Contact us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or suspend the authority when you are paying current rates.
For an EASYPAY form click here.​

Can I get another copy of my rates notices?

Contact our Customer Support team who can supply this for you.

 If in doubt, please contact the Waipa District Council for advice. Call us on 0800 924 723.​
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