Rates changes

​​We have made some changes to the way we collect our rates and fund the services we provide to people in the district.​

These changes are all about making sure the rates we charge are as fair and as equitable as possible.

The key changes we have made are:​

Introduction of a new rate called a Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC)

This is a fixed charge applied to each separately used or inhabited part of a property (for example, retirement villages, multiple business units, houses with self-contained flats). The UAGC will be phased in over six years.​

Following submissions during the 10-Year Plan process from retirement villages and rural ratepayers, Council has reduced the initial impact of the UAGC by 25 per cent in year 1.

Reduction of the Targeted Ward Rate

We will significantly reduce the targeted ward rate over six years as we phase in the UAGC.

Increasing the percentage of our rates based on the Capital Value of a property​

We will be increasing the percentage of rates based on the capital value of a property over the next six years. However the increase will be less than we originally proposed in the draft 10-Year Plan. 

Te Awamutu Events Centre and Cambridge Pool

In addition to these changes we have also amended where funds come from to help pay for the Te Awamutu Events Centre and Cambridge pool. We believe this proposed change better reflects who gets most benefit from these facilities.

The targeted Events Centre rate has been removed and these costs are now funded through the Targeted Ward Rate with the area of funding expanded to include Te Awamutu, Kakepuku and Pirongia Wards.

The Cambridge pool is partly funded through the targeted ward rate, with the wards amended to include both the Cambridge and Maungatautari Wards, (previously it was just Cambridge).
Page reviewed: 06 Apr 2016 10:01am