Rates are a charge against a property (rating unit) that is set by the local and regional councils to provide and maintain local services such as drinkable water, good roads, and tidy parks.

When your rates are due

Instalment number  Due Date Penalty Added From
Instalment 1 21 August 28 August
Instalment 2 21 November 28 November
Instalment 3 21 February 28 February
Instalment 4 21 May 28 May

Payment options

To learn more about different ways you can pay, check out our Payment Options page.

Getting behind in your rates?

If your rates are overdue, please contact us. We can discuss options of paying your overdue rates off over a period of time. We can discuss other options to reduce your rates bill such as rates rebates.

If a suitable arrangement cannot be made to pay the arrears Council will consider other means to collect the outstanding debt. This can include contacting the mortgage holder, or other debt collection methods.


Current rates penalties

A charge of 10% will be applied to any portion of the current instalment not paid on or before the penalty date shown.

Rate Arrears penalties

Continuing additional charges of 10% are added on 6 July and 6 January each year to the amount of rates and additional charges that remain unpaid from previous years.

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