CCTV cameras will soon be installed in Waipā’s main town centres as part of a push by Waipa District Council to make the district a safer place to live and spend time in.

These will be the locations of the thirteen cameras.

Te Awamutu Sites:
• Ohaupo Road and Benson Road intersection
• Ohaupo Road, Arawata Street and Cambridge Road roundabout
• Alexandra Street, Arawata Street and Sloane Street roundabout
• Alexandra Street, Mutu Street and Rewi Street roundabout
• East of Alexandra Street, Mutu Street and Rewi Street roundabout
• Albert Park Drive, Sloane Street and Vaile Street roundabout

Cambridge Sites:
• Victoria Street and Hamilton Road roundabout
• Victoria Street and Queen Street roundabout
• Victoria Street, Alpha Street and Lake Street roundabout
• Victoria Street, Duke Street and Empire Street roundabout
• Victoria Street and Wilson Street intersection
• Victoria Street/Bridge and Pope Terrace roundabout
• Shakespeare Street and Cook Street roundabout

A workstation to monitor the cameras has been set up at the Te Awamutu Police station. It will be monitored during the day and on certain nights by police and volunteers.

If you would like to view footage captured by our CCTV system you will need to speak directly to the Te Awamutu Police.

Page reviewed: 09 Jul 2019 11:43am