We maintain around 169km of footpaths, carry out regular maintenance to repair isolated footpath faults, and have a programme to rebuild about 4-5km of footpaths each year.

Footpaths wear out and become rough and untidy for a number of reasons including tree roots, work undertaken by power/gas/water or phone authorities and/or vehicles driving over them.

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs

We are aware of the problems faced by users of mobility scooters and wheelchairs when getting around our district, however it is not possible to fix all the problems in the short term.

We are always keen to find out about these locations and have been developing a programme of work based upon our inspections and feedback from the community.

If you can identify any particular trip hazards on our footpath network please use contact us at or call 0800 924 723. 

Once we are aware of the issue an inspector will assess the fault and arrange for any repairs to be carried out.

Tables and chairs on a footpath

To ensure that footpaths are easily accessible to the public (particularly outside local businesses), a permit is required to place tables and chairs on a public footpath.

How to apply for a permit

Mowing verges

We appreciate the efforts of residents who maintain their own frontages so that little or no spraying is needed.

This helps to engender pride in the appearance of properties and to save everyone money.

In order to maintain the appearance and life of the various roading assets, weeds need to be controlled. Herbicides are generally used as the most cost effective way of control.

We have a register of residents throughout the city who do not wish to have any spraying undertaken on their road frontages.

Please contact us at or call 0800 924 723 for more information.

Overhanging vegetation

Please keep any trees, shrubs and plants on your boundary or overhanging the road clear of the footpath so that pedestrians can use the path safely.

The area above the footpath to a height of 2.4m needs to be kept clear of overgrowth from trees, low shrubs, vines and hedges.

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