Kerbs, stock crossings and street lights

​Kerb and channel

Kerb and channelling helps control stormwater by taking it off the road and directing it into the stormwater system via catch pits or drainage sumps.

The kerbing also helps to define the edge of the road and provides a neat interface between the roadway and the verge.

The channelling is regularly swept to keep it free of litter that might interfere with the stormwater flows.

Stock crossings

Stock crossings are managed within the requirements of the Traffic and Stock Droving Bylaw 2012.

Stock underpasses

We promote the installation of stock underpasses in the Waipa District and encourage their use.

We may even contribute to the cost of these on busier roads within the district.

A stock underpass may be required where any existing or proposed stock crossing is deemed to cause or potentially cause a safety hazard or affect the efficiency of the road network, and no reasonable alternative location is available.

Street lights

We operate a network of streetlights throughout the urban area most of which are high pressure Sodium lamps.

Streetlights are maintained and serviced by our contractors who patrol main roads regularly and repair faults, but we rely on residents to report faults in residential areas.

If a light near you is not working please contact us on 0800 924 723 and we will arrange for a contractor to repair it. Please give a good description of the light location of the light, such as a street address, and a description of the problem because the contractor will repair it during daylight hours when the lights are not functioning.

If the light is on a State Highway please contact the New Zealand Transport Agency on 07 958 7220.

Private roads

Lights in private lanes or right of ways are owned by the properties down the lane and power/repair charges are the responsibility of the property owners.

You will need to contact an electrical contractor for assistance.

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