Flooding and temporary road closures

​Roads may need to be closed for a number of reasons. 

This may be due to road maintenance activities having to be carried out and the level of disruption is such that traffic cannot be allowed to use the road at that time, or for events or parades to occ​ur. 

Road closures for events and parades are considered by our Service Delivery Committee in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act.

Road closure for an event

If you wish to apply for a road closure for an event, you should view our Organising an event page and complete the  Event application form

You will be required to meet all costs associated with the application and closure (if approved), including advertising costs, traffic management plan preparation and implementation, and associated application fees

Road flooding

If you have seen flooding occurring on the road, please contact us on 0800 924 723 immediately.
This will allow us to ensure drains are cleared as soon as possible to help ensure the water gets away.
If the flooding is encroaching, or might may encroach on private property, or is a danger to traffic please let the operator know and the work will be given a high priority.
Page reviewed: 01 May 2018 4:20pm