Vehicle crossings

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A vehicle crossing is a connection between a property and a public road. All vehicle crossings must be constructed by an approved Council Contractor.

Make an application

Applications for a new or modified vehicle crossing are made using the  vehicle crossing​ application form.

You can also do​ your vehicle crossings application online. 

Approved contractors

View the current register of approved contractors for the construction of vehicle crossings:​​​

 Approved contractors list for Vehicle Crossings​

​Our involvement

We are charged with managing roading infrastructure in the best interests of the community. The Local Government Act 1974 requires the property owner or occupier to be responsible for, and pay the cost of, construction or upgrade to the vehicle crossing. These costs include the removal of redundant crossings and any required relocation of services and or road side features where applicable.

We primarily focus on protecting and maintaining council assets and ensure that any new infrastructure added within the road (referred to as road reserve) complies with agreed standards. The standards have been established to ensure that what’s built is fit for purpose and consistent with community requirements. These standards and requirements are recorded in the District Plan, Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications, and policies and bylaws.

Type of vehicle crossing

There are different vehicle crossing requirements for rural and urban locations, as well as for light and heavy vehicle use (commercial and industrial locations).

We are also required to ensure that construction activity carried out within the road reserve is done by qualified persons that meet standard requirements. There are a number of issues and potential risks when working within the road corridor, and those contractors on Council's approved contractor list have demonstrated a suitable level of competence and knowledge of these issues and risks.

 A fee is charged for vehicle crossing applications to cover the costs of site visits to review the suitability of the location and assess whether any special conditions need to be applied.

Burden of responsibility

It is the responsibility of the property owner (or owners) to maintain vehicle crossings, not the council.


Vehicle crossing specifications can be viewed in Section 3 of the Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications (RITS).

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