Carparks and mobility spaces


Parking in Waipa is free, although some spaces have time restrictions in place around the central business areas where parking is in high demand and are closely monitored.

Mobility spaces

Any vehicle displaying a current New Zealand Disabled Persons Mobility card will be permitted to:

  • Park in a time restricted place for a time in excess of the time allowed as designated by Council by resolution from time to time.
  • Park in any parking space set aside for persons with mobility difficulties and marked on the pavement or by a sign at the head of such parking space with an Operation Mobility symbol (Sign RP10):
    • Only vehicles in which a disabled person is a passenger or the driver shall be permitted to park in such a parking space reserved as aforesaid and shall display at all times in a prominent position an approved notice or symbol that would be used by a disabled person;

    • Only the Mobility Card issued by CCS, or any other similar notice, which has been approved by the Council, shall be an approved notice or symbol.


Page reviewed: 28 Aug 2017 2:14pm