​Wheelie bins

Waipa District Council is entering into a new kerbside recycling contract, which will provide two purpose-built wheelie bins for each household: a 140-litre bin for glass and a 240-litre ​bin for all other recyclable items. Wheelie bins will service both rural and urban households in the Waipā district from 1 July 2019. Read more. ​​

Wheelie bin delivery

Our contractors are making their way around the district delivering around 1000 wheelie bins each day. Here's some information to help you get to know your wheelie bin. ​Guide to your wheelie bin

Don't panic if your wheelie bins have not arrived yet - we're making our way through the deliveries. If you haven't received your wheelie bins by 30 June please give our customer support team a call on 0800 924 723.

Wheelie bin collection dates

​For some households, your recycling collection day may have changed. Find out your wheelie bin collection dates using the Collection Day Finder online tool.

The 140-litre wheelie bin for glass is collected every four weeks and your 240-litre wheelie bin for plastics 1-7, tins, cans, paper and cardboard is collected every two weeks.

Your recycling will be collected on a public holiday as if it were a normal day.

Please ensure your recycling is out on the kerbside by 7am on your collection day.

Place it so the lid opens towards the road. This direction is printed on the lid to help you. Please leave a space between your wheelie bins, to allow the truck to lift it safely without knocking over other wheelie bins. Leaving a gap as wide as a wheelie bin is a good guide. 


Missed collections 
Missed your collection? You’ll need to wait until your next recycling collection, or take your recycling to your nearest transfer station and dispose of it there.

​Recycling guidelines and tips

Mixed recycling

​The yellow wheelie bin is for mixed recycling. This includes household plastics 1-7, tin, cans, cardboard and paper, they all go in together!

Make sure it's clean before it goes in the bin. Left over food is no good for recycling! Your recycling should be loose in the bin, there's no need to put it in a plastic bag or cardboard box. 

Glass bottles and jars

The smaller blue wheelie bin is only for glass bottles and jars.

Make sure your glass is clean before it goes in the bin.  Any plastic or metal lids go in the mixed recycling bin instead!

What can't go in your wheelie bin?

Packaging beans, blue meat trays, moulded shapes, cups and takeaway containers can't be recycled. But plastic meat trays with the #1 recycling symbol can now be recycled. (Read more: Foodstuffs trials recyclable plastic meat trays​.)

Large hard plastics
Items like a broken plastic chair or your old laundry basket are too large to be sorted safely. Drop these at your local transfer station instead!

Industrial containers
Anything used for engine oil, fuel, solvents, paints and household or garden poisons. Ask your local transfer station about household hazardous waste services.

Plastic bags, PLA, film and soft plastics
Any plastics you can scrunch up into a ball are no good for our recycling machines. They get caught and create breakdowns. 

Take a look at this so take a look at this soft plastics recycling website​ maintained by The Packaging Forum to find a drop-off point near you.

Cardboard cartons with a foil, plastic or waxed layer. These look like cardboard but are lined with plastic and are very hard to separate to be recycled. The most common types are milk, soy and juice cartons and coffee cups.

Recycling with food residue
Any recyclable products with food residue on them can not be recycled in your wheelie bin. This includes pizza boxes with grease and jars or containers with leftover food in them. Wash them out first then they can go in the bin. 

Extra recycling

If you have too much recycling to fit in your wheelie bin, try some of these tips:
  • squash plastics, tins and cans to make more space 
  • breakdown or flatten your cardboard (or consider using it in your compost!) 
  • take some recycling out and take it to your local transfer station, or hold it for your next collection. 
​If your wheelie bin is too full and the lid can’t close completely it will not be collected. If the lid is not closed flat during the lift by the truck, the recycling may fall out. 

Extra items placed next to or on top of the wheelie bin will not be collected. 

Worried about moving a full wheelie bin? It doesn’t have to be full to place it out, we recommend you place it out on each collection day. 

​Recycling contractors

The kerbside recycling service we provide throughout the district is paid for via rates. 

Metallic Sweeping Ltd are our current recycling providers and the service is available to residential properties subject to targeted rates. 

Recycling staff

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