​​​When is collection day for my house?

Find out your collection day using the Collection Day Finder online tool.

Urban recycling is collected weekly in Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Kihikihi, Pirongia, Ohaupō, Ngāhinapōuri, Rukuhia and Karāpiro. Rural recycling is collected fortnightly. Not sure if your address counts as rural or urban? Check using the Collection Day Finder online tool.

Your recycling will be collected on a public holiday as if it were a normal day. Previously, there was a delay, but from 1 March 2019 if your recycling day is on a public holiday, please put it out for collection as ​usual.

Please ensure your recycling is out on the kerbside by 7am on your collection day.

Recycling due out by 7am

Recycling guidelines and tips

Crush your recycling to make more room in your bin! Place bigger and heavier items on top to stop it blowing off down the street. Flatten cardboard and make sure it is smaller than the base of your crate.

Recycling items For more info on how to recycle in Waipā, download the Recycling Guide​ pamphlet, or read below. 


You can recycle any plastic containers and bottles which have recycling codes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 (the symbol is usually found on the back or underside of containers). Give them a rinse and squish them down so you maximise the room in your crate. 

Polystyrene can't be recycled but plastic meat trays with the No. 1 recycling symbol can now be recycled. (Read more: Foodstuffs trials recyclable plastic meat trays​.)

What about shopping bags or other 'soft plastics'? Currently plastic bags can't be recycled through our kerbside collection service, so take a look at this soft plastics recycling website​ maintained by The Packaging Forum to find a drop-off point near you.


Paper recycling

Bundle and secure paper items like newspapers, cardboard, junk mail, pizza boxes and magazines, and place next to your crate. When putting out bundled paper or cardboard items, please keep this at the same size or smaller than the bottom of the blue recycling crate.

Larger items, such as a banana box, are too bulky. During collection the cardboard needs to go down a shoot (to keep drivers hands safe and away from the moving parts) which is designed at the same size as the blue crate.

Remember that wax or plastic coated cartons (like Tetra Pak cartons and cardboard juice or milk cartons) cannot be recycled.

Please note: two different trucks collect plastic recycling and paper recycling, so your paper recycling needs to be bundled next to your crate instead of inside it. The collections may occur at different times, so if you see your blue crate has been emptied but your paper is still at the kerbside (or vice versa!), it may mean that the second truck is still on its rounds.

Paper next to crate


Glass items must be inside a Waipa District Council crate, stacked no higher than the edge of the bin, otherwise they will not be collected.

​Please only include whole bottles or jars. Broken glass, mirrors or lightbulbs should be carefully disposed of in your rubbish, not recycling.

If your glass bottle or jar has a metal lid, please put it with other metal recycling items - pop the lids inside an aluminium can for example.

Overloaded crates

Overloaded recycling crate

Our staff lift about 1,000 crates each day so it’s really important they can safely lift your crate.​

Use the top edge of the crate as a guide when filling. Items stacked above this will have your crate rejected. You can visit your local transfer station for additional or bulk recycling.​

If you regularly have an overload of recycling, you can purchase additional crates at Council offices for $22.50. Damaged crates can be replaced free of charge, just give your damaged bin a clean and bring it into the Council offices to exchange it.

​Recycling contractors

The kerbside recycling service we provide throughout the district is paid for via rates. 

Metallic Sweeping Ltd are our current recycling providers and the service is available to residential properties subject to rates. 

Recycling staff

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