​​​E-waste (electronic waste) is one of the fastest growing types of waste across the world. The good news is it can be recovered - a better option than landfill!

E-waste is anything that has a plug or a battery, from small items like cords, mobile phones and electric jugs, to televisions, fridges and washing machines. Each item is stripped down and the parts either recovered or recycled. 

For more information about e-waste recovery, please visit Go ​EcoSWAC or Xtreme Zero Waste​.​

Results of Community Collection Day

Nearly 19 tonnes of waste – the weight of eight white rhinoceros – is no longer destined for landfill thanks to the e-waste collection day held in Te Awamutu on Saturday 3 March​ 2018 with support from the Te Awamutu Community Board.

More than 2,450 appliances destined for the dump are now being stripped down for recycling or re-use. Items handed in included 961 small appliances (toasters, jugs etc), 159 printers, 546 assorted televisions, five large photocopiers and 81 microwaves. There were more than 60 cellphones, 57 laptops and even an exercycle.​

Results of Community Collection Day

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