When is my water bill due?

In Waipā water meters are read and charged quarterly (every three months). The reading and invoicing dates are different depending on where in the district you live.

Ways to pay

You can​​ pay your water rates online (have your Property ID number from your invoice handy) or you can set up a direct debit and not have to think twice about the quarterly deadlines.

Read more: Pay it - ways to pay your water rates bill​.​​

Water billing dates

​Area​Invoiced at the end of month​Due date​Penalty added
​Te Awamutu,
Kihikihi, and Pirongia
​October​30 Nov 2018​7 Dec 2018
​January​28 Feb 2019​7 Mar 2019
​April​31 May 2019​7 Jun 2019
​July​30 Aug 2019​6 Sep 2019
Cambridge and
​August​1 Oct 2018​8 Oct 2018
​November​3 Jan 2019​10 Jan 2019
​February​1 Apr 2019​8 Apr 2019
​May​28 Jun 2019​5 Jul 2019
​Ōhaupō and Pukerimu​September​31 Oct 2018​7 Nov 2018
​December​31 Jan 2019​7 Feb 2019
​March​30 Apr 2019​7 May 2019
​June​31 Jul 2019​7 Aug 2019

What am I being charged for?

There are two parts to a water meter bill:

  • A fixed network charge which helps pay for infrastructure (a bit like an electricity line charge). $106.95 for 2018/19 rating year.
  • The volumetric charge is for the amount of water actually used: $1.495 per cubic metre as proposed for the 2018/19 rating year.

The fixed charge is the cost to be connected to the water supply network and will be the same for everyone. The volumetric charge is variable and will depend on how much water is used in your home. The cost of water depends on how much water individual households or businesses use. If you use less water, you pay less. 

By law, Council is not allowed to make profit on water. We can only recover the cost of treating, supplying, and disposing of water.

​Your water bill at a glance

Now that we all have water meters, the way households pay for water in Waipā has changed.

Instead of being included in your rates invoice, water will be billed separately from July 2018 onwards. Just like a power bill, you'll now be able to see how much water has ben used by your household.

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