Free water-saving service

​​If your water usage is higher than it should be, let us help!

Our Water Adviso​r, Chris, can visit you at your home and show you how to check that your appliances and fittings are running efficiently, and also how to use and spend less on water.

​To book a free home visit with Chris, call us on 0800 WAIPADC (0800 924 723).

Frequently asked questions

Who would benefit from a visit?

Anybody! But first, we’ll be targeting Waipā​ households that use a lot of water based on quarterly water billing. If those households can reduce their water use, we all win.  

Does the audit have to be done at home?

Yes. We need to check for leaks and make sure household appliances are working properly. By visiting at home, our water advisor can provide customised recommendations specifically for you and your household. 

How long will the visit take?

No longer than 1.5 hours and often less than that. We can arrange to visit at a time that suits you best. 

What happens during the visit?

Our water advisor will meet you at your house and talk through your quarterly water bill. We’ll then walk through the house to check things like your taps, shower head and appliances. Our water advisor can install free water efficiency devices like flow restrictors, toilet gizmos, and shower timers that can help save water. We will also make recommendations on water use improvements or appliances to help you reduce water use. Finally, we’ll do a basic check for water leaks both inside and outside the house. 

What happens after the visit?

Our water advisor will send you a letter to further explain any recommendations made from the visit. It will confirm what water saving devices have been installed in the house and outline what savings could be made. We’ll  likely follow up with you a few weeks after the visit to see how things are progressing. 

How much will the visit cost?

Nothing!  It’s absolutely free. 

How do I book a visit?

Call us on 0800 WAIPADC (0800 924 723).

Page reviewed: 17 Aug 2018 1:28pm