How to reduce your bill

​​Water meters are the ideal tool for you to measure how much water's being used around your home. They're also what we use to ensure water charging remains equitable for all. If you use more, you pay more and if you use less, you pay less.

Finding that your water bill's a bit high? We've outlined some great ways for you to try and save on your water bill.

​​​Check your property for leaks​

Leaks cost money. If you find a leak or fault on your property, it's your responsibility to fix it (and in your best interests!).

A high water meter reading or poor water pressure might indicate a leak, especially if your water use hasn't changed. If you suspect a leak on your property, we strongly recommend you contact a plumber to investigate.​

Replace your appliances

If you find that your water-using appliances are due for replacing, keep the 'WELS ratings' in mind when purchasing. Appliances that display higher water rating stars are more water efficient and use less water, which means you'd be saving water - and dollars - with every wash cycle!

Download ​the pamphlet:  Choose water smart products and save [PDF, 2 pages, 3MB]

​Retrofit your appliances

If your appliances aren't up for replacing yet, there could be ways you can install retrofit devices to help save water.

Download ​the pamphlet:  Reduce your water use - retrofit! [PDF, 2 pages, 3MB]

Use our free water-saving service

If your water usage is higher than it should be, let us help - for free! Read more​.​

Reduce how much you use

water-use-pie-chart.pngThere are four big water-using appliances in the home:

  1. Showers
  2. Washing machines
  3. Toilets
  4. Taps

​Cutting back on the amount of time you spend in the shower, waiting for full loads before you turn on the washing machine, using the half flush on the toilet, and turning the tap off when you brush your teeth are all very simple ways to reduce your use.

Other big s​avings can be made outdoors, especially in summer. Visit the Smart Water website to get handy Turf Team and landscaping tips and tricks!

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