Water remissions

Shared water meter remissionsShared meter water remissions​

You can apply for a water remission if you’re on a shared residential water meter. 

This remis​sion was put in place to assist property owners who are financially disadvantaged by split bills. If your application is approved, your water meter bill will be capped at a maximum of $372 for the 2018/19 year. This equates to an average daily usage of 488 litres per day.

To apply for a shared water remission, complete the application form below. Make sure you have your water account details and latest invoice handy.

Download: Application - Shared water meter remissions [PDF, 100KB, 2 pages]

Keep in mind that if your daily usage is very high (above 877 litres per day) we will require you to investigate whether there is a leak on the property. We'll provide you with more information about this if your application is approved. 

Leak remissions

It's the property owner's responsibility to repair leaks on their property and pay for the cost of repair. 

If you identify a leak and repair it in a timely manner, you can apply for a water leak remission. If your water leak remission application is approved, we'll use your usage history to estimate what your “normal” average usage is, and will apply a remission for anything over that.

To apply for a water leak remission, complete the application form below. Make sure you have your water account details and evidence of repair handy.

Download: Application - Water leaks remission [PDF, 100KB, 2 pages]​

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a shared water remission?

You can apply at the front counter, online, or over the phone. Whatever suits you!

Who can apply?

Any occupant using a residential, shared water meter can apply for a remission, you don’t have to be the property owner. 

When can I apply for a shared water meter remission?

Any time! You don’t have to wait for your first invoice. 

Do I need to reapply after every bill?

Nope. A remission will automatically be calculated and applied for the rest of the financial year (that’s up until next July).

My application was approved but there’s no remission on my latest bill, why’s that?

If your daily usage is under 488 litres per day, you won’t get any remission for the period as you’re already under the cap. If your daily usage is over 877 litres per day, you only get your remission if you’ve proved there’s no leak on your property. 

If my usage is high, how do I prove that there’s no leak on my property?

You need to let us know what measures you’ve taken to ensure there’s no leak and provide us with evidence of that, for example, a statement from a plumber or Council’s Water Advisor.

Find out more about how Council’s Water Advisor can help.

What if my usage is high and I find out there’s a leak on my property?

If your usage is over 877 litres per day and you find a leak on the property, your shared water remission will not be applied to your bill. You need to get your leak repaired in a timely manner then apply for a leaks remission.

What happens when I move out?

As part of our final water read process, we remove the remission. The next occupant can make a new application if they wish.

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