Water meters

Across the Waipā district, we've been working to ensure that every household has an individual water meter. Water meters measure the amount of water used by a household or business. They are read regularly (like an electricity reading) and used to accurately determine how much water is being consumed. You're only charged for the water you use.

How to locate and read your water meter

Your meter is usually close to the property boundary, near the road. Look for the blue box in the ground - it's often marked with "water" in writing on the lid.

Grab a screwdriver and flip the lid. (A flathead screwdriver works best for this.) Once the lid is open, you'll be able to see the meter dial and the gate valve.  Tip: If you have a leak, turn the gate valve to switch off the water at your property.​

Page reviewed: 13 Nov 2018 2:53pm